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30th Anniversary Newsletter

(30th anniversary newsletter will be shared here once published during the summer of 2017)

Canadian Burn Units & Survivor Support Groups

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Table of Contents

Article l Name
Article II Objectives
Article III Membership
Article IV Fiscal Membership
Article V Officers
Article VI Duties of officers
Article VII Voting
Article VIII Meetings
Article IX Executive Board
Article X Committees
Article XI Council
Article XII Parliamentary Authority
Article XIII Amendments of the bylaws
Article XIV Dissolution


-Article I-

The name of this Association shall be the Canadian Association of Burn Nurses (CABN).

Article II

The objectives of this Association shall be to:

  1. Promote the high standards of burn nursing practice,
  2. Promote and provide educational programs in burn care,
  3. Generate, disseminate and promote the application of nursing research in burn care,
  4. Speak for Canadian burn nurses and represent the Association to other organizations on national and international levels,
  5. Provide a network for sharing of information, concerns and support for members.

Article III

  1. Active Membership shall be granted to any registered/licensed pratical nurse:
    1. Licensed to practice in Canada,
    2. Who is actively working in burn nursing,
    3. Upon payment of the prescribed fee,
    4. Shall be a voting member of CABN.
  2. Associate Membership shall be granted to any other individual:
    1. Practicing in a related field of burn care/prevention,
    2. Having an interest in the profession of burn nursing,
    3. Upon payment of $20,
    4. Shall be a non-voting member of CABN.
  3. Honorary Membership shall be granted to any member of the Association:
    1. Whose active participation and longstanding membership warrants such respect,
    2. Shall be sanctioned by vote of the general membership,
    3. Is, for life, free of the CABN prescribed fee,
    4. Shall be a non-voting member of CABN.
  4. Associate members shall pay $20.00. Fees shall be payable on or before November 1st. No fees shall be prorated as to time of joining or resigning from the Association.
  5. The Executive Board shall review the qualifications of the applicants and approve them for the appropriate class of membership.

Article IV

  1. The fiscal/membership year runs from November 1st to October 31st.

Article V

  1. The officers of the Association shall consist of a Past President, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer/Membership. The length of the term of office shall be two years or until successors are elected.
  2. No member of the Executive Board shall hold more than one position during a term of office.
  3. The officers may be elected prior to the General Meeting, which coincides with the Biennial Conference. Officers shall be Active members of the Association and be elected by ballot on the basis of a plurality vote. The term of office shall begin at the conclusion of the General Meeting, held in conjunction with the Biennial conference.
  4. If a vacancy on the Executive Board occurs during an elected term of office. The Executive Board shall have the option of calling a by-election or appointing an Active member of the Association to the vacated office for the remainder of the designated term.

Article VI

  1. The President shall:

1.1  Coordinate Executive Board and Council meetings,

1.2  Preside at all meetings of the Executive Board and Council, the Biennial General Meeting and additional meetings of the general membership,

1.3  Submit a report to the general membership at the Biennial General Meeting,

1.4  Be responsible for the minutes of Executive and Council Meetings, the Biennial General Meeting and incoming/outgoing Executive Council meetings in conjunction with the Secretary,

1.5  Serve as ex-officio and voting member on all committees, except the Nominating Committee.

1.6  Perform other duties as required.

  1. The Vice President shall:

2.1  Assume the duties of the President during his/her absence,

2.2  Assume the duties of the Secretary during his/her absence,

2.3  Become President following term as Vice President,

2.4  Perform other duties as required.

  1. The Secretary shall:

3.1  Record minutes of Executive and Council Meetings, the Biennial General Meeting and incoming/outgoing Executive Council meetings,

3.2  Forward all minutes, amended bylaws and current Executive Board, Council and Committee Membership Rosters to Executive Board, Council Members and Committee Chairs,

3.3  Maintain provincial reports,

3.4  Perform other duties as required.

  1. The Treasurer/Membership shall:

4.1  Handle the finances of the Association,

4.2  Keep records of all moneys received and disbursed,

4.3  Prepare financial statements and present at Executive and Council Meetings and the Biennial General Meeting,

4.4  Maintain an ongoing record of members,

4.5  Issue receipts, membership cards and lapel pins.

4.6  Perform other duties as required.

  1. The Past President shall:

5.1  Act as an advisor to the Executive Board,

5.2  Act as chairperson of the Nominating Committee,

5.3  Act as electoral officer,

5.4  Perform other duties as required.

Article VII

  1. Whenever possible, a minimum of two (2) nominees shall be nominated for each position to be elected.
  2. The call for nominations must be made by the Electoral Officer seven (7) months prior to the General Meeting. The slate of nominees must be prepared by the Electoral Officer and published April 1st. Prior to the election of officers; all persons nominated must signify a willingness to accept the office.
  3. Ballots are mailed out to all Active members by May 1st.
  4. All ballots must be returned to the Electoral Officer by June 1st of the election year.
  5. Newly elected officers shall be notified by July 1st prior to the General Meeting.
  6. All newly elected officers must be prepared to attend the General Meeting.
  7. If no one is elected for a position, nominations will be accepted from active members at the Biennial General Meeting and an election will take place.
  8. If, after the Biennial General Meeting the position(s) remain unfilled, the Executive shall appoint an active member to the vacant position by February 1st following the Biennial General Meeting.

Article VIII

  1. A General Meeting of the membership shall be held biennially.
  2. A scientific and educational conference shall be held in conjunction with the General Meeting.
  3. A quorum shall consist of twenty (20) Active members or ten percent (10%) of Active members, whichever is the greater number.
  4. Additional meetings may be called by the President. Executive Board or by thirty percent (30%) of voting members. Such meetings will be held within sixty (60) days of such requests being received by the Secretary.

Article IX

  1. The officers of the Association shall be known toconstitute the Executive Board.
  2. The Executive Board has the power to:

2.1             Clarify the Association Mission,

2.2             Interpret the Mission Statement to the public and enhance the association public image,

2.3             Approve goals and objectives and set long term plans,

2.4             Establish policies and guidelines for Association operation,

2.5             Be legally responsible for all aspects of the Association operations,

2.6             Ensure the Association's financial stability and solvency,

2.7             Make recommendations to the Association,

2.8             Evaluate the performance of the Association and the Executive Board itself,

2.9             Perform other duties specified by these bylaws.

  1. The Executive Board and Council will meet once yearly or as required by the President. A quorum of three (3) officers must be present.
  2. Decisions on issues that extend beyond the power of the Executive Board will be referred to Council and/or Membership for approval.
  3. The Executive Board shall prepare and administer a budget for each fiscal year following the General Meeting. The financial statement from the previous fiscal year shall be presented at the General Meeting.
  4. A member of the Executive Board shall act as liaison between the CABN Executive Board and the Biennial Conference Planning Committee. Overall financial control will remain with the Executive Board.

Article X

  1. Standing committees of this Association are:
    1. Nominating
    2. Biennial Conference
    3. Newsletter
    4. Bursary
    5. Discipline
  2. Ad hoc committees will be established by the Executive Board or by resolution from the members at the General Meeting as deemed necessary.
  3. The President shall, ex-officio, be a member of all such committees.


Article XI

    1. The Council Representative shall be an Active Member of the Association within the province they are practicing burn nursing.
    2. Election of Council shall occur with the election of the Officers of the Association. Their term of office shall be for two (2) years commencing at the conclusion of the General Meeting, held in conjunction with the Biennial Conference.
    3. Active members shall vote only for the Council Representative candidate(s) in the province in which the member practices burn nursing.
    4. Duties of Council Members are:

4.1  Submit a provincial report at Executive/Council Meetings and the Biennial General Meeting,

4.2  Provide 1 provincial submission to the newsletter/year, 2 submissions prior to each conference,

4.3  Promote the CABN provincially and nationally,

4.4  Act as a liaison between the Executive Board and provincial council members,

4.5  Assist in provincial and national fundraising campaigns,

4.6  Notify President of changes in provincial representation and substitution of attendance at Executive/Council and/or the Biennial General Meeting,

4.7  Perform other duties as assigned.

    1. The council shall be comprised of the following representation:

British Columbia












New Brunswick


Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island


Newfoundland & Labrador


North West Territories / Nunavut / Yukon


Newsletter Editor


Website Manager One
  1. The Executive Board shall reserve the right to appoint a Council Representative for that Province or Territory in which a vacancy may occur.
  2. The Council will meet with the executive Board in conjunction with the General Meeting of the Association to share information and advise the Executive Board on national and provincial burn nursing issues.

Article XII

  1. The current edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall govern in all cases not covered by these bylaws.
  2. In all cases not governed by Robert's Rules of Order and these bylaws, the Bylaws of the Canadian Nurses' Association will prevail.

Article XIII

  1. Amendments must be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least three (3) months prior to the date of the Association's General Meeting. Such proposed amendments shall be circulated to the membership at least sixty (60) days prior to the General Meeting.
  2. The Executive Board and Council reserve the right to present amendments to the Bylaws at the General Meeting.
  3. These bylaws may be amended at the Biennial General Meeting by ninety percent (90%) of all voting delegates present and voting, without previous notification of any kind.

Article XIV

  1. In the event of dissolution of the Association and discharge and settlement of its affairs, all funds and properties of the association remaining after payment of its liabilities shall be conveyed to suitable non-profit organizations to be designated by the executive Board at the time of dissolution.